Buffalo Banter – On the #RWC2015 road with Hunky Dorys


Devastation! Ah, we're almost over it …

Like everyone else in Ireland, we got ridiculously excited about RWC 2015. So much so that we decided to send the Hunky Dorys buffalo yonder across the Irish Sea to soak up some of the RWC 2015 atmosphere.

Needless to say, just like the lads on the pitch, passions were high throughout and we had some interesting clashes but sure it was a great adventure, now onwards to the next bit of craic.

This work was the result of a fluid and exciting collaboration with the incredible Sminky Animation and led by our amazing client team Alina and Jamie in Largo Foods.

We had an absolute ball working on this … check out who the boys met … forever #COYBIG.