Success Happens Here at DBS


Following on from our own recent success with DBS we have launched our first campaign for Ireland's largest independent college, which centres around the idea that 'Success Happens Here', at DBS.

We understood that where someone studies at third level or postgraduate level is an integral part of their identity and will continue to be as they progress through their career. Where we study is something that we all want to be proud of and talk about with confidence among friends and colleagues, so our objective is to position DBS as a proud choice for students.

We have brought the 'Success Happens Here' idea to life in outdoor, print, digital, social and radio. Visually we show students in strong and confident poses, showing a sense of pride with the campaign line boldly stating that Success Happens Here. Each scenario is set either in the grounds of DBS itself or in the surrounding and buzzing South William Quarter, which further helps to establish DBS as a top choice for studying at any level.

We've also formulated a robust social/content strategy that targets potential undergraduate and postgraduate students. It's an always-on/365 approach that will reinforce how DBS is a proud choice and showcase how Success Happens Here. We also aim to drive consideration and applications, and educate on the various programmes and qualifications.

Overall – our content aims to be useful, entertaining, digestible and high quality, and we aim to ensure that this content breaks with convention. We have also introduced a new look and feel to all the imagery used on the DBS-owned channels. We have gone for an Instagram/ filtered look that taps into the type of images that students are sharing themselves and the trendy location of the DBS buildings – in the South William Quarter. We feel that these images cut through the noise in social feeds and that they are something that's a little unexpected from a third level institution.

On our social channels we are bringing this sense of pride and we're also providing potential students with an opportunity to #AskDBS any question, at any time.

We have also worked with DBS on re-designing their website, which is due to go live in the coming weeks so watch this space!