Because It Works

Reconnecting a great brand with its audience


WeightWatchers is a brand with close to 100% brand awareness. But the market was becoming more competitive. New brands were emerging to help people manage their weight; in addition to new classes and new online and app solutions were becoming available. By comparison, our WeightWatchers brand was beginning to feel a little unexciting and lacking in innovation. However, people who try WeightWatchers, know that, if they follow the plan, it really does work. Essentially we needed to drive class attendances, boost sales and give the brand image an injection of modernity.


Initially, the plan was to create a radio and press campaign. But once we stood back and assessed the challenge, we realized that we needed to focus on ensuring that the whole journey for the WeightWatcher was better optimized. We came up with the idea 'Because it works' as a vibrant expression of a real brand truth. We updated all posters and in-class communication to bring the new idea to life. We made the WeightWatchers website mobile and responsive. In creating the online journey, we simplified things and emphasized the content that people really needed. We ensured that when people looked for a class, it was easy to find. By putting a data capture element in place on the site we also made sure that interested customers could be contacted and leads followed up easily. We used digital display and a partnership with the Daily Mail to provide content videos and tackle all the barriers that consumers had shared with us. This content was also made available on the WeightWatchers website. We used female-targeted press to promote offers over Easter and Summer periods.


We saw a terrific 37% boost to web traffic and use of the class meeting finder

3600 enquiries about meetings were made from September 2013 to May 2014

The WeightWatcher franchisees were delighted with the new website and communications materials - because it worked!