Get the facts about folic acid

Even babies know the facts about folic acid, don't you?

Developing a campaign for the promotion of folic acid to all women was a creative challenge, as our research showed us that as women see folic acid as something they only need to take if they are planning a baby. However, 1 in 2 pregnancies are unplanned, so we needed to shift the consumer mind-set, drive behavioural change, and get women to take folic acid as a regular dietary supplement.

A socially driven and led campaign was rolled out across facebook and twitter. We delivered the message to our audience using custom content, and developed a series of 4 light hearted and humorous videos with babies who knew all about the importance of taking folic acid, so why didn't you?

We developed point of sale display that rolled out in pharmacies across the country, located in-store alongside the folic acid product.

facebook posts dispelled common folic acid myths, giving relevant and short facts about the importance of taking folic acid as a daily supplement. These posts also showcased our video content.

For more information on our work for safefood, please contact Joanne or Jessica.