Jameson Graduate Programme


When a job looks too good to be true, you end up with a problem on your hands - fewer people apply. And so was the case with the Jameson Graduate Programme and the role of Jameson Brand Ambassador. Although our past digital/social/content-led campaigns for the brand were multi-award winning, had moved Jameson from number 159 to number 6 on GradIreland's ranking of the leading graduate employers in Ireland, and had excited prospective applicants, they simply didn't believe the position came with enough responsibility or opportunities.

We solved this problem by putting it in the hands, quite literally, of the only people they would believe: four current Jameson Brand Ambassadors in market around the world, each of whom was given a GoPro to chart their first 100 days in the role -, the day-to-day, the highs, the lows, the lifestyle, the career progression.

The stories were edited into webisodes we released one month at a time over the course of the campaign.

The webisodes were uploaded directly to Facebook, but also uploaded onto YouTube and embedded into the Jameson Graduate Programme blog, in order to drive our audience on site through pre-roll promotion where they could then register their interest in the programme or find out more.

The webisodes and distribution strategy delivered really strong results, with 191,688 views, in comparison to 56,912 views of all video content in 2014/2015.

We also handed over control of the owned Twitter channel, and each week, one of the Brand Ambassadors showed us their day-to-day. This provided our audience with a real insight into the differences in markets, and also provided excellent content for us to share across other platforms.

This type of approach was a first in the recruitment sphere in Ireland. Our target audience wanted to see what it was really like to be part of the Jameson Graduate Programme. So we simply let our Brand Ambassadors tell their story. We feel that Brand Ambassadors did an excellent job of telling the Jameson Graduate Programme story and making it relatable to the target audience.

Awards from 2016:

  • Best Student Marketing Campaign: GradIreland
  • Most Popular Graduate Recruitment Programme for FMCG 2015: GradIreland