Makes Things Better

A new story about an established brand


Dairygold is Ireland's leading spread and a favourite with Irish families. It was loved for its taste, its convenience and its spread-ability. You name it, people were spreading Dairygold on it: sandwiches, bread, toast, scones... Hardly surprising, really, because for nearly 21 years' worth of advertising we'd shown lots and lots of gorgeous 'left to right' spreading shots. We'd told that story so well, in fact, that Mum didn't think of Dairygold beyond spreading. And that was the problem we needed to resolve.


We took the brand out of its 'spread-ability silo' by encouraging the consumer to think of it in a more 'buttery' way: 'scoop it', we said, 'dollop it', 'melt it'; put it on your peas, potatoes, eggs, sprouts and carrots. Because whatever it is, it'll taste even better when you smother it with Dairygold. And we didn't stop there. We made innovative use of the packs, sharing our brand story on the inner foil. We communicated with shoppers on TV but we also shared our story on radio, in-store, on big-stature 48 sheet posters and at the point of purchase. We launched great new products like Dairygold Baking Block. We also designed the packaging and communication for another addition to the brand portfolio, 'Flavour Melts'.

For Christmas, we reminded families about Dairygold with two firsts for the brand: a Christmas TV commercial and a new festive pack and foil, incorporating a Dairygold Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon recipe.


Kerry Foods are a fantastic agency partner so we're delighted to say that this investment in their overall communication strategy showed an impact quickly, in terms of both brand metrics and sales.

We grew frequency of purchase to 2.4 packs per year.

Our spontaneous awareness grew by 20% Critically, however, our 'adding Dairygold to other foods' metric increased by 11%.

Dairygold was also awarded 'Best Integrated Campaign' at the prestigious AIM Awards.

In 2014, The Kerry Marketing team won 'Marketing Team of the Year'.