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No Love, Some Love, True Love

Zurich Life pensions is the supportive ally you really want on your team to help you to live the life you love into the future

Translating Zurich Life's global brand idea 'For those who truly love' for the local market, we developed a multi-channel campaign for Zurich incorporating TV, online, press, outdoor and radio advertising.

And it's not just us that loves Zurich Life, as their pensions won the prestigious Best Investment Performance Award, 2014 awarded by the Irish Brokers Association.

Elaine Fitzpatrick, Head of Marketing at Zurich Life says “Our research has shown that people don't have grand plans for when they retire, rather their aspirations are quite modest. And so we focused on the little things in life you love now because you'll truly love them in retirement, with the support of a Zurich pension. This campaign really stands out, sets us apart from our competitors and is helping to further strengthen the Zurich brand."