Point of Sale

This is proper snacking

Forget about all the other snacks, welcome to snacking … only proper, with Charleville Snackfuls.

For the launch of Charleville Snackfuls, we knew we had to keep it real and let the product speak for itself. Snackfuls is a combination pack of crackers, Charleville cheese slices and Country Relish or Sticky Chilli Chutney flavour. Made with all-natural ingredients, it's a filling, real and proper wholesome snack you can feel good about.

For the launch of this new product, we developed out of home and in store advertising pieces, championing one flavour of the Snackfuls product in each creative piece. With a food stylist and a photo shoot, we used the product itself to spell out our message and the recognisable vibrant food ingredients to cue hunger pangs.

An online partnership with the DailyMail allowed us to create home page takeovers and a custom game, allowing consumers a break in their day during snack time.

So forget about all the other snacks, welcome to #propersnacking.

If you'd like more information on our work for FMCG brands, please get in touch with Joanne or Jessica.