3XE Marketing Conference 2017


We went, we learnt and we're ready to conquer.

Two of McCannBlue's social media nerds Nicky O'Flanagan & Karen Fallon attended 3XE's jam-packed conference in Croke Park.

The twelve speakers, workshops and panel discussions made for an interesting and insightful day of forward thinking and we definitely left with a few new tricks.

A favourite of the day was Colman Walsh, Founder and CEO of UXTraining.com. His amusing presentation, My Country: The User Experience was light-hearted but relevant.

Our key takeout from his witty talk was that future proofing is key and that generally, one should try not to "be a gobshite". Yeah, yeah, we know, but re-iteration never hurts, especially when it comes from a master like Colman!

Another standout was Wolfgang Digital. This smart bunch know what they are talking about and they don't sugar coat it.

Michaela and Kevin delivered a workshop full of eye-opening facts. According to them, 20% of all search is done through voice, with that number set to grow to 50% by 2020! We got a taste for position zero and featured snippets on Google, the importance this spot will play when voice search becomes ever more prevalent and we also got a peep at their award-winning Zurich case study. Bravo all round!

By 2019, 80% of the world's Internet traffic will be online video - mental, right? With video mobile consumption hitting 40 minutes per day, we were very interested in what Natalie O'Keeffe from Google had to say.

So how do we optimise video as part of the content marketing mix? Natalie says we need to “Stop interrupting what people are interested in" and instead "be what people are interested in".

As we now live in a skippable world it's so important that we remind ourselves of our ABC and D's - Our video adverts need to:

  • Attract attention from the start- No matter the format it is crucial to capture attention early on - frontload your story, is there a hook?
  • Brand naturally with purpose- How and when branding appears can impact the performance of metrics - brand placement really does matter!
  • Connect through emotion & storytelling - create a connection with your audience
  • Direct the viewer what to do next- Give them clear CTA's to drive brand lift and be clever by using features such as shoppable cards.

The video and visual theme continued throughout the day with Dave Morrissey from Facebook also hammering home the importance of visuals, after all, “The human brain can process imagery 60,000 times faster than words". By sticking to a few guidelines, we can make big Facebook wins;

  • Build for sound off - but delight with sound on;
  • Play more and experiment to learn;
  • Be as short as you can … but as long as it needs to be.

Looking back, a few things really stood out for us so we'll be investigating the impact of some new techniques. Oh and, maybe even a bit of latent semantic indexing – snazzy!