Bord Bia Consumer Lifestyle Trends research helps brands to stay relevant.


Bord Bia launched their Consumer Lifestyle Trends study to an audience of 250 of Irelands biggest food and drink companies in the Sugar Club on June 11th 2015. Helen King, Director at Bord Bia opened proceedings and her talented insights team including Paula Donoghue, Grace Binchy and Rory O'Donnell shared the 90 minute presentation between them.

The Bord Bia 'Consumer Lifestyle Trends' programme has been in existence since 2006 and identifies the biggest trends shaping people's lives, globally, over the next 3-5 years. It is designed to help businesses to prepare for the evolving needs of consumers and to help brands stay relevant making sure the consumer is right at the heart of business decision making. We believe that if the brands in the room listened closely to what was being shared, we had no doubt whatsoever that there were many ideas that would provide inspiration for profitable growth.

There were some brand stories that caught our attention;

·With health and wellness top of the agenda and the need for really fresh food, fast, China was leading the way, with vending machines delivering freshly squeezed fruit juices on high traffic commuter routes.

·AliBaBa in China are using drones to deliver groceries to people's homes.

·Food Markets should be planned at night and not just during the day to take advantage of the evening market for fresh wholesome food.

·Banting trend (High protein intake) is becoming one of the hot food trends – check this out if you want to know more about what banting is.

·Powerade were capturing trends using 48 sheet billboards in their advertising that you can actually rockclimb on.

·Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle, has a new 'R' - Repair – we're all getting into fixing stuff.

·Oscar and May in USA developed an app for your phone to allow you to ''wake up to the smell of bacon'' to tempt you to have a cooked breakfast.

·The team shared a takeaway coffee cup, where the lid is infused with a coffee aroma to allow for a more sensory experience

·Amazon Dash – press the Amazon Dash button and whatever you need in household supplies will be delivered immediately-take a look at the very simple video below.

There are loads more details and information on their website.

Bord Bia also produced an excellent notebook with the key highlights and note taking space aswell as a section on 'Thought Starters – How could you…?'' which prompted action for brands.

It is very tough to stay ahead in business and stay relevant. The good news is that Bord Bia really can help. This research is excellent and if you are in the food and drink business, then you should study and evaluate this report in detail. Don't get left behind. For more information, you can email, visit the website or phone Bord Bia on +353 1 6685155