Creativity Happens Everywhere


Senior Art Director, Christopher Gore gives us a peek inside his creative mind.

Pictures. I'm good with pictures. But words? Now they're a much more daunting prospect to me. They strike fear into me, you might say. As a result, I'm a man of few. And the few that there are exist only in lowercase form. So, when I'm asked to write a 500-ish word blog on what inspires my creative soul, that observes proper sentence casing, grammar and all the jazz, well it's hello cold sweats. But now, finally, the sweats have subsided, so here goes. I think visually. I think I see things others don't. I take a special interest in stopping and taking in the world around me, looking for the details others might miss. That holds true whether I'm actually working on an image or a piece of film, or if I'm just walking home during an autumn sunset.

Pretty sunsets and sunrises are all well and good, and awesome in their own way. But what truly inspires me are people. Taking photographs of people helps me capture that inspiration. Not in a freaky way now; they're fully aware I'm doing it. What I'm not doing, though, is the usual. I'm not taking your common or garden everyday snap of their faces, beautiful and handsome as they may be. Nope, what I shoot… are their feet. That might sound kind of silly, but it all started years ago when myself and a friend would meet up and I would take a photo of one of our feet together. A mismatched pair. We called it #foots, and each time we met we would capture a #foots photo. These simple shots made us realise that even when apart we could both still inspire each other.

Pretty sunsets and sunrises are all well and good, and awesome in their own way.

Over the years this has evolved into me capturing photos of people I work with, people I love, but most importantly people who inspire me to try that little bit harder, smile that wee bit more and break down those barriers both in my personal and work life. These are moments captured during the happy times in my life, and also the sad. They are moments which are special to me in so many ways, moments I can now never forget, moments I can look back on to inspire me to take that chance, make that decision, and maybe even persuade someone to keep that logo small if I really want!

The project reminds me of that song from Sesame Street – “Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood?" Well all these #foots belong to the people in my neighbourhood, the people that I meet each day. They are the people who are always there, even when they're not, and all it took was a simple photograph of two pairs of feet together. #foots #smile #inspire