Exploring The Digital World


Do you remember the days when people faced outward? Today, if you stopped to look, what you would see instead is people looking down at their phones, with their headphones in.

It's not that they aren't noticing a world around them. It's just that they are exploring another world simultaneously, the digital world.

In this digital world, they can talk to their friends, watch TV, listen to music and shop, all without taking a step.

As such, as a brand, if you want to make an impact in today's world, a digital presence is crucial.

Do a dance, hold a sign, or shout through a megaphone, you probably will get some attention. But, without reinforcing this online, your message will lose its potency. After all, when people see something incredible, the first thing they do is reach for their phone, to document and share the moment.

So, why use social, you may ask. The answer is simple. If social is for you, then your audience is already there. That said; it's not as easy as setting up a profile, and pushing your product.

No matter how many brands enter the social sphere, it remains a human world. So, if you want to succeed on social, your brand has to act human. Your content has to be creative, timely and responsive.

That's where McCannBlue come in.

In the month that I have been here, I have encountered creative thinking that could rival Pixar. These offices are a creative space where no idea is too outlandish, no strategy is impossible and options are limitless.

I'm excited to be a part of it and to put this creative thinking to work for our clients.

Amy Sergison.

Amy has a BA in Communications Studies from DCU. She has been working in digital content since 2012, in the retail, arts and media and NGO sectors. Now, she is bringing this variety of experience to the McCannBlue Social and Content Team.

In her previous roles, Amy has helmed nationally trending campaigns, taken on social giants Paddy Power, ghostwritten for celebs and advocated for European action on the crisis in Syria.

Amy has previously written a food blog Cook, Share, Enjoy where she posted original recipes, adaptations and the occasional review. Yes, she is one of those people who take pictures of their food before they eat, she can't help herself.

When not Instagramming her dinner, you can find Amy debating if there will ever again be a centre-pairing with the dynamism of O'Driscoll and D'Arcy. An avid Leinster and Irish Rugby fan, Amy's Tweets can often be found in rugby round-ups.