Growing Kreativity with Beck’s UK


After two years of celebrating the creative heritage of Beck's beer and championing artistic talent on the island of Ireland, we are delighted to build on our success by extending our campaign to the rest of the UK in 2018.

Since 2016, McCannBlue has worked with our client, C&C Group to revive the considerable creative heritage of Beck's beer, by creating a new bespoke platform: Be Kreativ.

Be Kreativ is a home for Smart Creatives, the makers and imaginers who live in and take inspiration from the cities they love. It gives up-and-coming artists a platform to share their work and allows many more of us to appreciate and celebrate creativity in all its forms.

Mark Wingfield Digby, Commercial Director of AB InBev UK said, “The great work that McCannBlue has done with Beck's across Ireland is something we want to bring to the rest of the UK. Be Kreativ is the perfect platform for us to champion UK artists and UK creativity, something Beck's has a long history of doing and we're delighted that McCannBlue is partnering with us to deliver this."