IADT DunLaoghaire Grads are #FutureProofed


It was with great joy and inspiration that I visited the IADT College in Dun Laoghaire last night, June 8th, to get a tour of the IADT 2015 Graduate Exhibition of Visual Communication Design. President of IADT, Dr Annie Doona took us on a tour of the Exhibition which runs from June 5th – 10th. On the way to the event at their fantastic campus location on Kill Avenue in Dun Laoghaire, I noticed an official looking AA road directional signage pointing me to the event. This told me that this wasn't any ordinary exhibition, but something special. I wasn't disappointed. Dr Doona explained that the world of design is key for business and brands. I couldn't agree more with her. There was a great mix of ideas across many communication forms at the exhibition. The idea that struck me most were a brand created for an outdoor swimming club called 'Salty Cheeks' – what a truly wonderful idea. Even if you can't swim, you'd probably still kind of want to be a member of that particular club.

Another app idea was 'Stroll' – an app created for people who just want a stroll around Dublin. There are buckets of apps around runs, like map my run and couch to 5k, mostly centred around exercise, but this particular student recognised that sometimes, you just want a stroll. This idea has global potential and can work in any city or tourist location, for both tourists and people living in a city. The design element on both ideas was powerful and beautifully thought through from the web, to social, to their business cards.

The students at IADT College also branded the event and designed the posters and promotional materials and even put their design on a cake. They called it Future Proofed. The claim is that these IADT Grads are geared up for the future and that the skills they are learning here have strong practical application to the business world. Their promotional poster had names of students with their titles they plan to have once they get into the world of work. The brand names of companies they want to work for demonstrated their career ambitions. Brands like Snask, KesselsKramer and Wired appeared along with student Jack Collins who sees himself as a winner of a D&AD Black Pencil.

We won a D&AD Pencil once at this agency and it was a prized possession. The IADT Exhibition also features Film, Photography, Animation, Make Up Artistry as-well as some superb brand design work. I loved the idea that Niall Corcoran's design agency, Creative Inc. scrubbed out the name of an agency that one of the students posted and replaced it with his agency and posted it on social media.

There is some serious talent in IADT. If you're hiring creative resource that you need to be #futureproofed, definitely check out IADT. You will find their exhibition work on Instagram @wearefutureproofed. The IADT team are on twitter too @futureproofed15 #futureproofed. Check them out. You will be glad you did.