Living Creativity


'Living Creativity' is a McCannBlue project that runs every year whenever a new staff member enters the agency. In this article, we want to share with you all the amazing projects our talented creatives worked on for this round.
Are you a creative? Then let's put you to the test. Make a blue origami heart (yes, the folded type), and create something amazing with it.

Christopher Gore

“An open heart is an open mind", by Dalai Lama.

This quote and my passion for street art and buddhism inspired my 'Living Creativity' idea. So by combining both I created a cut out stencil of buddha holding a blue heart. I pasted these around the streets of Dublin which I hope brought happiness to all who saw them.

Ciaran Canavan

'Music from the heart'

For my project I wanted to create a piece of music by making use of my blue heart as an instrument.

I began by recording nine different percussive sounds to create a rhythm track. I also used the heart to create a cone in order to create a 'gramophone' type effect on a vocal sample. Finally I fashioned the heart into a guitar pick and recorded 3 guitar tracks with a bass track and this was the result.

Jason Fitzgerald


I wanted to create an “epic" Blockbuster movie trailer. Using the camera on my phone, I shot footage of our view in the Grand Canal Quay area. Then, I composited images of the blue heart into the footage and added explosive action packed FX… in After Effects.

As a soundtrack I used dramatic scores from the recent Godzilla trailer and the upcoming Jurassic Park trailer.

ORIGAMI - Coming to theatres near you!

Tim Britnell

'Unstoppable Creativity'

Being creative is all about taking the knocks and carrying on. Smashing the barriers down and running on to the next exciting challenge.

This idea is what inspired by an animation of guy running though a wall, over and over again. The execution was an old fashioned zoetrope. Which looked easy but was actually much harder than I envisioned.

Ciaran Williams

'Our brand new iMcBlue pigment'

Inspired by the vivid deep blue canvasses of the French conceptual artist Yves Klein and his invented pigment International Klein Blue I attempted to create our very own new blue colour. I declared that it would be called International McCannBlue or iMcBlue and proposed a world entirely re-imagined in glorious shades of our new colour blue. Vive la bleu! Vive la International McCannBlue!

We have recently welcomed 2 more people to the McCannBlue team, so we can't wait to see what they create for their Living Creativity project. You can stay updated on our Living Creativity project on Facebook & Twitter and we would love to connect with you on LinkedIn too.