#OMG #TheHackOfUs


Anyone remember the Challenge Anneka TV show back in the '80s? And THAT jumpsuit…

Well, minus any such dubious outfits (or helicopters), the McCannBlue Social Club departed from the office last Friday afternoon on our own little scavenger hunt.

The rain had cleared above Dublin and blue skies appeared just in time. Armed with a list of places to find (cleverly described in little rhyming clues), some items to source and some challenging photos to be taken along the route, we set off.

Fuelled by a competitive streak and the promise of a slap-up meal at the end of it all, the first clue led the teams to the Creative Quarter. Bordered by Wicklow Street, Grafton Street, South Great George's Street and Stephen Street Lower, they met Molly Malone in all her bronzed glory.

I watched from a distance as they snapped their photos, answered their questions and moved swiftly on to the next location. Little were they to know, I'd be judging every step…

Each team had different photos to take along the way, but every group was required to take an especially embarrassing shot to go with the hashtag #TheHackOfThat – and it was this that brought out the daredevils in each bunch. Team Eamonn's Rockets put a foot wrong when they attempted to take a photo of ME for this task – the cheek!

The massive pink cowboy hat and feather headband props were a definite #ScarlehForYa moment for Team C-Dog Squadron; as was Team Glam Squad's picture of Karen trying her hand at being a JustEat delivery girl. But it was the fabulous Ciaran and Aoife dancing a sort of unchoreographed quickstep in front of a bewildered busker on Grafton Street that saw The Urban Foxes steal the show!

The final clue brought everyone back together in the sunshine on South William Street, where entries were collated, totted up and verified by yours truly, before we headed off to The Ramen Bar for some well-earned nosh.

All in all, a great night out was had, helped by the fabulous weather – and as there are no losers in McCannBlue, everyone won a prize for their efforts…

…But perhaps the 'better' prize was awarded to The Urban Foxes – all thanks to those nimble moves of Ciaran and Aoife on Grafton Street!

Yvonne O'Toole is our Receptionist at McCannBlue.