Our Asian Food Tour with Kerry


A little taster (excuse the pun) from our food tour of Asia. From Dublin to Seoul, Shanghai to Jakarta, Dubai to home, Stephen Moore (Group Creative Director) and Sarah Corr (Global Relationship Director) were very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet new friends, try new foods, and see some inspiringly innovative new food and beverage ideas. Thanks to the wonderful Kerry Taste & Nutrition Asia Pacific regional team for sharing this discovery journey with us, and everyone who helped along the way to make this a very worthwhile trip.

So, aside from the few extra pounds gained, what else did we learn…well, no matter how many miles apart it is fair to say that “taste" remains a priority for consumers everywhere. We really are closer than we think, from Ireland to the Far East and back, we all want to enjoy the food we eat, to eat well and to be healthy. But in a region as diverse as Asia Pacific, with vast differences in economic development, cultural norms and languages, this is not an “easy" region for brands to crack, as regional understanding and adaption are necessary at a much more granular level. Millennials, a growing economy, better education, and more travel opportunities, remain the key drivers for change and increasing demands for quality, unique consumer experiences.

We could ramble on for days about the things we saw, the food we tried, and Willy Wonka-esque fusion-food scene, but for now, here is a little video diary of our amazing week.

Stephen & Sarah