T.E.A.M: Reminding ourselves what it means


Together Everyone Achieves More

I've always liked this acronym, and try to remind those around me of it as often as I can. Life is busy. People are busy – but sometimes, the best time to do something is when you don't have time to do it. There has to be a balance.

Work-life balance is a goal most of us strive to achieve. For me, one way to get there is to weave socialising into your workplace – of course, it helps when you like who you work with! It's nice to really get to know what makes people tick, what makes them laugh, what brings them joy – basically, what they're like in “real" life beyond the office doors.

We have a great social club here in McCannBlue, one that's given us many nights out and stress-busting, craic-filled moments.

Last month, we had three in a row, starting with Pancake Tuesday's stack of golden hotcakes. The following day was Valentine's Day, so we all felt the love with some luscious chocolates and a special message for every member of the team… before filling up on craft beer and jazz on Thursday night. An odd combination, you might think – but throw in some wings and a burger, and you're on to a winner!

We like to keep busy, and though it might not sound like it, there is method to our madness. Our Social Committee plans everything months in advance, before it's all beautifully displayed on our chalkboard by committee member and Art Director, Aoife. We manage to reward our hardworking teams, welcome newbies, celebrate birthdays... All the extra bits of something special that put the “team" in “teamwork".

PS – Mine's a gin and tonic, if you're buying.

Yvonne O'Toole is our Receptionist at McCannBlue.