Truth About Youth 2017


After getting inside the heads of 740 young people across the country with the objective of understanding the ever elusive “youth market", our Strategic Director, Susan Kelly, and Account Manager Karen Fallon last Wednesday presented our findings to an intimate audience of our youth-focused clients at The Grand Social, Dublin.

Deliberately chosen to disrupt the corporate mindset for an afternoon, it was the perfect venue to share our findings on the elusive youth market with brand managers, marketing directors and corporate communicators, looking to connect with this age group in Ireland.

Taking our lead from the McCannWorldGroup global 'Truth About Youth' survey of 30,000 across the globe, we delved into the minds of 16-30 year olds throughout Ireland, and discovered that this new Snapchat-wielding Generation Z might be a a new species for marketers to get their heads around.

Growing up as 'accessibility natives' the bad rap they get for being narcissistic and entitled, isn't always deserved - and as a generation passionate about equality for everyone, they can spot if a brand's CSR marketing is authentic and real or simply commercial, at just a click.

The main themes that came out of the Truth About Youth study were threefold – Finding Yourself, Finding Your People and Finding Your Place in the World. These remain the fundamentals underpinning young people's lives – but the world around them has totally changed.

To find out more about this ever-changing landscape of youth culture and how marketers in Ireland can engage this dynamic audience, we have made the presentation available below.

We'd love to take you through it personally, so if you would like to know more, please get in touch with Susan Kelly or Karen Fallon

You can download the presentation by clicking the link below (watch out, it's pretty big!).

Download the presentation

Let us know if you have any issues downloading the presentation, we can arrange delivery of the presentation in an alternative way.