Buffalo is how we roll

In a darkened cityscape, the Hunky Dorys girls are seen warming up to go roller-skating. They set off - and then a buffalo starts to chase them through the streets… Or perhaps they're chasing it?

'Buffalo is how we roll' is the brand new campaign from McCannBlue for our client Hunky Dorys, featuring a magnificent wild beast: a buffalo. Plus eight intrepid women. On roller skates.

A real buffalo, the Hunky Dorys mascot, was mandatory because the spirit of the buffalo has always been at the core of the brand; a symbol of independence and inspiration for all those bold enough to blaze their own trails in their own way.

Girls are another key feature of Hunky Dorys advertising but this time round we wanted to give them something fun and adventurous to do as a group. We wanted them to be cool, athletic and awesome in their own right. The buffalo does whatever he wants, goes wherever he wants, and this is the spirit that inspires the girls on their journey. They can't resist the lure of adventure in the city at night.

Our client Alina Uí Chaollaí, marketing director of Largo Food says: “'Buffalo is How we Roll' communicates a new attitude for Hunky Dorys which is about adventure, discovery and freedom…all in the context of community, which in this instance is represented by a group of skilful and talented roller-skaters! Featuring our brand icon, the buffalo for the first time ever in our campaign presents an opportunity to bring to life in film, digital and outdoor formats the confidence and individuality the buffalo represents."

The commercial was filmed in Prague over two very cold nights in March. Czech production company Boogie Films used closed streets, dry ice and neon lighting to conjure up a sci-fi atmosphere for the action. The Buffalo girls themselves are some of the best champion and performance roller skaters in Europe. And our buffalo superstars, Nellie and Joe, were fresh from Hollywood roles starring in The Zookeeper's Wife.

The song on the ad is a cover version of Buffalo Girls a very old song – which Jimmy Stewart sings in It's a Wonderful Life - but it was also covered by Malcolm McLaren who was the Sex Pistols' manager. Our version is by Steve Lynch of Stellar Sound with vocals by Heather Mae so it brings the song right up to date.

The stunning photography was by Liam Murphy who traveled with us to Prague.

The campaign will be seen on TV, online, OOH, and in store.