DaVinci Gourmet

Bold, new global brand positioning adds new flavour to speciality beverage producer.

We were delighted to be appointed DaVinci Gourmet's partner to help create and embed a new global brand positioning.

DaVinci Gourmet was born in the heart of the coffee culture in Seattle, in 1989. Chocolate maker and DaVinci Gourmet founder, Greg Davenport saw the opportunity to create a syrup with phenomenal flavour and perfect form – whether served in an icy cold or steaming hot beverage. Today, DaVinci Gourmet is in 60 countries with an extensive range of syrups, sauces and smoothies, along with a virtual network of Mixologists and Baristas that service the constantly evolving specialty beverage industry.

The challenge this brand faced was it didn't have a globally aligned brand positioning. There wasn't a consistent brand story, direction, tone of voice, or look and feel. The brand had grown, but in doing so had lost its identity and needed desperately to reestablish and unify across all markets.

Our approach was to get close, get under the skin, and truly understand this brand's world and the people who are a part of it – its employees, customers, consumers, and expert mixologists and baristas. We embarked on a series of interviews and information gathering activities, talking to people all over the world, in every region. We interviewed Brand Managers in North America, Europe, China and South America, as well as conducting interviews and testing with customers in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, North America, Germany, Finland, Spain, Denmark and the UK. We also spoke to Mixologists and Baristas in Singapore, Chicago and Ireland. These experts shared with us their views, their challenges, hopes and aspirations for the brand. This gave us a comprehensive view of DaVinci Gourmet's core values and personality, helping us to create a bold new brand positioning.

With the brand positioning established, we needed to create an inspiring design approach to match. We referred back to what we had learned from the Brand Managers, and customers, and identified an approach which reflected them, their world, their precision and their need to delight and excite their customers. By tuning into their world, we could understand what matters most to them and in turn, were able to bring this brand to life through their eyes.

We are proud to continue to partner with DaVinci Gourmet, helping them take their energising new approach to the world.