DBX: Education 3.0

Our client, third-level college DBS, came up with an all-new, distinctive and innovative virtual learning programme. 

Rather than just promote it with some ads, we thought it deserved its own sub-brand, something to champion the new version of learning that it represented.

With most third-levels offering the same, standard online solution, the challenge was how could DBS's digital offering be made to stand out from the crowd?

The solution was to position DBS Online as bringing together the very best of classroom and virtual learning to provide the flexibility and support required by today's working professional.

Online courses need to be exciting, collaborative, accessible and flexible – which is exactly what DBS is offering prospective students. DBS's online education program is a fully-digital, connected, interactive platform … and most importantly, it's an eXperience.

This is DBX. Education 3.0

A typical digital-learning programme employs pre-recorded material and requires students to be entirely self-motivated and/or attend a set number of on-campus classes. DBX, by contrast, uses live virtual classroom sessions and weekly clinics: much more effective and motivating for students - and much better suited to the way they learn.

We rolled out communications for this bold new learning stream from DBS by developing a new brand identity, design guidelines for the DBX brand, and promoted it via social and online media.

Social and display promote a diverse range of DBX courses (from Project Management to Event Management & PR to Company Law), as well as generating awareness of the new DBX brand through striking visuals and animation.

You can view the range of courses here.