Every pet deserves a good meal

In McCannBlue, we love our pets - so when we were asked to work with Purina on their campaign in conjunction with the DSPCA, we were delighted.

Purina is a proud partner of the DSPCA in Ireland, and our campaign 'Every Pet Deserves' supports Purina's fantastic initiative of donating up to 40,000 meals to the DSPCA this year. Keep an eye out for 'Every Cat Deserves' too, with Purina in the UK donating meals to Cats Protection.

The campaign ran in-store in 2016, but this year Purina wanted to do something extra special to drive this partnership and their hashtag #WeAreBetterWithPets.

We created social videos, starring some of the local furry residents of the DSPCA's centre in Rathfarnam, to drive engagement with and awareness of the initiative. We worked with Purina Ireland and the DSPCA as to make sure the final product would be 100% authentic and attracted Irish pet lovers.

Through our videos, each animal told their story of how they ended up being looked after by the DSPCA and how, with Purina's help, their recovery was aided.

Our stars included Aspen, a spotty Collie mix, Soya the Husky, Patches, the friendly black and white cat and Oreo, the timid tortoiseshell cat.

Aspen in the video below has been adopted since this campaign went live.

As the saying goes; 'Never work with kids or animals' but we'd do it again any day! The personalities of these animals shone through, and it was a fantastic shoot experience for the McCannBlue Purina Team.

To find our more about this partnership or the DSPCA, visit:http://www.dspca.ie/