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Helping Microsoft navigate a new world of recruitment.

Billions of people across the globe rely on Microsoft systems and infrastructure to run their businesses and live their lives every day. From entertainment to education, medicine to finance, travel networks to governments, and everywhere in between, things would fall into disarray quickly without the guidance and vigilance of the Microsoft team's Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). It is their role to ensure the wheels of our digital world keep turning - and because of that, these people are one of the most sought after and most valuable operators in the tech world.

Microsoft is on a continuous journey of digital transformation, changing not just the way they operate, but how each and every person can be empowered through technology. And in turn, we are on a journey with Microsoft to help them attract the best people to effect this and to consider a career with them.

The SRE is one such pivotal role, and we were tasked with creating engaging and informative content to encourage them to apply for roles within Microsoft Ireland. But it struck us that “engineer" was almost too simple, too small a word to describe these people and those others in related roles. They have their fingers on the pulse, their hands on the tiller. In essence, they are the ones steering this ship into the future.

We wanted to capture the imagination of people who could be these essential experts, and have them see Microsoft as a place that values their capabilities and expertise more than all of the other companies out there vying for their talents. We reimagined them as “Future Navigators, and created a a group of specialists who use their expertise and ambition to guide us all into the uncharted waters of the digital future, and the endless possibilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud. This digital video recruitment campaign has been running since the start of November 2018.