Helping kids rise and shine

All children should come to the breakfast table well rested and looking happily to the day ahead.

Childline was contacted 420,000 times by children last year. That's 1,150 children a day. Well not exactly, because many of those calls come during the night, when we would all hope our children are sound asleep in bed. And that's where, for Childline, the issue lies. Because, sadly, Ireland's only 24-hour listening service for children can't answer all of the thousands of calls it receives, and night time is when the service is most stretched.

That was the focus of the 2016 campaign to drive donations and raise critical funding for Childline by encouraging people to hold their own Cheerios Childline Breakfast. The idea engaged parents at as many touchpoints as possible, from morning time radio to posters in crèche, from supermarket point of sale to social channels.