Hunky Dory's Sminky

Buffalo Banter. Taking it to the big boys

Ah, the Rugby World Cup: when all the international megabrands come out to play. They've got it all sewn up with their official sponsorship deals, their celebrity stars, and their epic attitudes. So how is a local brand with a tiny fraction of their budget supposed to get a look in?

In a word? Divilment. Our client, Hunky Dory's, has an asset that those big guys don't: a unique buffalo-flavoured crisp. So, with the help of our friends in Sminky Shorts, we created a couple of buffalo characters for the brand and had them encounter the animal mascots of the teams that Ireland was due to meet during the tournament. Huge engagement from fans around the world, and from celebrities like Sonia O'Sullivan, ensured that ours was the winning-est viral video during RWC2015.