Keep your little monsters healthy

As anyone with a child aged 0-4 will testify, it’s not easy persuading them to wash their hands. And it’s impossible to explain to them what bacteria is, let alone how important it is to protect them from the dangers of the nastiest, E.coli. But then we happened upon the story of two-year-old Rufus, and enlisted him, with his parents and their permission, of course, to help us.

Of all the monsters we've ever dealt with (and we've dealt with a few), Rufus was the messiest. He loved playing outside with his monster pup, but he never cleaned up afterwards. Not only that, he never washed his hands after going to the loo. At McCannBlue, where we're all sticklers for hygiene, believe us, we found this very hard to imagine. Of course, it was inevitable this kind of crazy behaviour would not end well for poor Rufus.

“He came to us one evening with a really bad pain in his stomach" remembered Monster Mum. “We'd told him a million times about his messiness and never washing his mitts. But that's little monsters for you."

“He knows now, of course," said Monster Dad. “I showed him how to wash and dry them properly with soap and water."

After several rounds of the toughest negotiations we've ever entered into, we had our stars. Rufus, his Dad, Mum and even Monster Pup (who was untrained – but did very well on shoot day) are now the stars of our new Food Safety campaign for safefood. They are helping to spread the word to parents and carers all over Ireland that you should always wash your children's hands properly after toilet time, before eating and after play. Their story features on VOD, cinema, OOH, display, web and social.

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