Kerry T & N Discovery Center

We helped to create a customer engagement space that explores the future of food and beverages in Kerry's Taste and Nutrition Discovery Center.

The state of Wisconsin, home to Kerry's North American headquarters, is a hotbed of innovation for the food and beverage sector, thanks to Kerry's new Taste and Nutrition Discovery Center (TNDC), in Beloit.

The TNDC is the latest addition to Kerry's armory in its drive to lead its customers to a better understanding of the food and beverages that today's consumers are looking for, as well as better ways of producing them. At the core of this are methods that embrace key concepts such as clean label, sustainability, free-from, nutritional benefit and of course, great taste. We have been with Kerry on this quest for over two years and when they asked us to imagine what such a facility would look like, our teams in Dublin and Belfast went into overdrive.

Designing the space

We discussed how to demolish three existing spaces in order for a new one to emerge. Together, we envisaged how the space would feel and work, and collaborated with the architects to make it real. We designed the internal and external branding for the customer engagement space – its walls, its finishes, its technical areas. Our journey took us to London, Frankfurt and Chicago to review the technology and hardware that would display it all and we designed and built a customised touch-film perspex presenter podium.

Creating the content

And then there was the content. At the same time as visioning the space with its beautifully curved 9m wide screen, it was also our job to produce the content that would help Kerry tell the story of how the world of food and beverage is changing and how they are responding.

We took hundreds of documents and re-modelled their text, images, graphs and tables into engaging multimedia narratives that tell the story of the latest trends in meat, alcohol, ready meals, snacks and nutritional beverages; as well as the latest consumer insights and an overview of Kerry's world-leading technical capabilities.

In doing this, we developed a fully bespoke content management system to manage text, images, video, animation, statistics and dynamic data and video content. The CMS was developed using our bespoke Laravel 5-based CMS framework, which provides a suite of features for rapidly developing secure and usable systems to power website, digital campaigns and installations.

A system that embraces change

This is a system that embraces change. The food and drink sector never stands still and already we are designing new content for new marketplaces, technologies and consumer trends. And we're excited about continuing to help Kerry deliver on their vision…

The TNDC has already hosted visits from some of the world's leading food and beverage companies and initial reaction has confirmed that the TNDC is exactly the type of facility that food and beverage companies need to frame their commercial responses to the rapidly changing world of the consumer. In this environment, change is constant and we look forward to working with Kerry on refining and growing the TNDC experience over the coming years.