Let's make bedtime, sleep time

This phase of our childhood obesity campaign focuses on sleep and screen time, and the connection between sleep and weight

The 'Sleep' campaign, part of our overall work with safefood to tackle the problem of childhood obesity, was definitely the one that brought the most new news to our audience. In April 2015, safefood launched a new phase of a childhood obesity campaign, aimed at parents of 2 - 12 year olds, focusing on 'sleep' and 'screen time'

As children spend more and more time watching TV and gaming, they are staying up later and later and this is causing them to be tired the next day and therefore more likely to eat more and move less.

Our campaign launched creating awareness on TV with a 30'' ad. We also reached parents through a variety of touch points including press, online display, social media, content and media partnerships. We used #itsbedtime as a campaign hashtag, allowing all conversation on social media to be listened too and responsed too.

We gave parents bite sized helpful hints and tips through our social channels, with downloadable sleep diaries and reward charts to help get children into a good sleep routine.

A social media quiz also allowed children to take a quiz with their parents to see what their bedtime character was, a fun was of bringing bedtime routines into day to day conversation.

For more information on healthy sleeping habits and the link between screen time and sleep, visit www.safefood.eu

If you'd like some more information on what we've achieved with safefood to tackle childhood obesity, or any other behavioural change campaigns, please contact Joanne or Jessica.