MSF: Northern Syria campaign

We're proud to be working with Médecins Sans Frontières again.

McCannBlue is proud to be continuing our work with Médecins Sans Frontières, this time on their appeal for help for northern Syria. We've been working with MSF for the past year and a half and have contributed to fundraising campaigns, recruitment campaigns and their recent Rohingya emergency appeal. After the success of the Rohingya appeal we were excited to pour our energy into this new project.

In northern Syria, everyday objects are no longer safe. A light switch could trigger a grenade. A welcome mat could cover a landmine. An empty tea pot could hide a bomb.

MSF is one of the only medical organisations currently operating in northern Syria. Their life-saving work involves conducting vital care in Raqqa, treating victims of blasts from improvised bombs; and at their hospital two hours north in Talayab. The team can see up to 20 trauma cases per week, as well as 250 cases including broken bones, respiratory infections, burns, diabetes care and maternal healthcare.

To support this appeal, McCannBlue has developed creative for a direct mail piece, display creative and a social campaign. It tells the story of a family of five sisters, all of whom were severely injured by a booby trap, and saved by the tireless efforts of MSF hospital staff.

Our little emergency room – set up in a small house on a residential backstreet – is in the right place at the right time for the people of Raqqa.
– Dr Javid Abdelmoneim

In addition to emergency response, they provide treatment to 80 children with lifesaving care for thalassemia; as well as carrying out vaccination campaigns to ensure people who have been living through the Syrian conflict are protected against preventable diseases, like polio and diphtheria.

To read more about this and to donate now, please visit here.

Cover photo: Photographer © Louise Annaud/MSF