One big story to tell

McCannBlue helps open a new chapter for Microsoft in Ireland.

The new Microsoft Campus at One Microsoft Place is a place that embodies the huge transformational journey Microsoft is on, a transformation that is cultural, digital, and fuelled by ambition.

At McCannBlue, our ethos of Create Change is all about a journey of transformation too. We are constantly transforming, learning and discovering, and over the last year working behind the scenes with Microsoft, we've had a chance to let our culture, love of digital and driving ambition flourish. There are so many projects we've wanted to talk about and show off for so long - in particular, the Digital Lake and DreamSpace – and with this content piece produced together with the team at Microsoft Ireland, we are at last able to start.

DreamSpace has been an exciting departure, as we've worked with Microsoft to not only build this new brand, but develop an educational program in a space that will begin to show students how technology influences the world around them and how it will empower them to shape their own futures.

The objective of DreamSpace is to support primary school teachers as they look for exciting, but accessible ways to teach STEAM subjects and develop their students' creative thinking, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

For transition year students in secondary school, DreamSpace will inspire them to see technology as a future career path. We'll reveal more about DreamSpace as it goes live later in the spring, and plays host to classes visiting from all over Ireland.

In the Digital Lake we've been given the chance to flex our artistic muscle, as we're tasked with creating fresh video and motion graphics content on a monthly basis, for a literal lake of LED screens built into the floor of the building's central atrium.

It's been an exciting 12 months on this journey with Microsoft and we're just getting started. To our client team, we say a big congratulations, whilst to everyone else we say watch this space (and this video). There's a whole lot more exciting work coming, and we're looking forward to sharing more of our work with Microsoft in 2018.

If you'd like to find out more, contact Jenny Paetzold