safefood's Christmas Chefbot

Introducing Chefbot, our all-knowing safefood Christmas robot chef!

Let's face it, cooking Christmas dinner is a challenge for the best of us. Not only is it expected to be one of the loveliest meals of the year, but the prospect of upsetting your loved ones tummies is unthinkable. Fear not though, as when the health and satisfaction of the whole family rests on your shoulders, there is no better place to get advice from than

Christmas day turns out to be the busiest day of the year for, with over 35,000 visits on the big day last year. So, this year safefood wanted to help people prepare in advance by heading off any turkey panic before it sets in.'s Christmas web hub is already full of resources, including a 'turkey calculator', recipe ideas and plenty of great advice, so our next step was to meet and help people where they spent most time, and sought inspiration from in the run up to and during Christmas; their social feed.

Introducing Chefbot, our all-knowing safefood Christmas robot chef! His goal is to keep users calm and entertained, while providing a wealth of information on cooking safely and creatively. First timer? No prob – he can advise on everything from defrosting that turkey safely, to optimum cooking times. Got a bigger gang this year? He can figure out the right amount of turkey needed to please each and every one.

Chefbot, being a practical robot, can't be fazed by messers – so can easily handle any queries from jokes to declarations of love with a cheesy pun or a kind rebuff, and if he doesn't have an answer he'll send you to the safefood Christmas hub where you'll definitely find the cooking and prep help you need.

To support Chefbot, we wrote and promoted several awareness posts to get the word out across Facebook and Twitter, as well as a cracker of a radio ad to drive people to visit safefood's Christmas hub.