Satisfying the hunger of real men

The Hunky Dorys brand – and its advertising in particular - was remembered more for its use of pretty than anything it said about the product's unique qualities.

This majestic, manly crisp wasn't getting the attention it deserved. And neither were the guys it was aimed at, to be fair.

For too long in advertising, women have been getting pampered in shampoo and chocolate commercials… lounging about in luxury with beautiful serfs on hand tending to their every need. So we turned the tables, putting the Hunky Dory crisp and the Hunky Dory eater at the centre of his own universe.

The idea translated to outdoor and beyond as we produced the ultimate 'Gentleman's Bath Set' with Salt and Vinegar Bath Salts, Buffalo-Scented Candle and a soothing CD compilation of 'Engine Sounds' to help him relax in the bath. The kits became rewards in Facebook competitions with the story nearly 120,000 times on YouTube in the first 8 weeks.