The power behind your pension 2.0

McCannBlue and Zurich team up again – this time to give you a glimpse of the future your pension could bring you.

Our Zurich Pensions ad, the one with the tandem bike and the guy in blue Lycra, had been on TV for three years.

Should we run it again – or try something different? Could we equal the cut-through of the old campaign? Could we lose the Lycra? And if we did, what would we replace it with?

In order to find the answer, we worked in (ahem) tandem with our client to find out a little more about our target markets. We asked how they felt about the future, about pensions and about pensions advertising.

When we think about the future, it's all about excitement, technological progress – even fun. But say the word ‘pension’ and all the fun stuff seems to evaporate and the future seems like an alien concept. We start feeling ambivalent, bored, even fearful about ‘the big drop’ in income post-work. – Shannon Rushe, Account Director

It was in this territory – the one that lies between people's feelings about the future and their feelings about their pension – that we chose to pitch Zurich's tent.

Our insight was a simple one: that the future is exciting and that it's what you do today that will make you ready for it. "This freed us from the stranglehold of the usual suspects, the stereotypes that are always showing up in pensions ads," says Bren Byrne, Chief Creative Strategist. "The silver surfer, the granny doing yoga... It was definitely time for something different."

First we developed video content. This features 'Future Thinkers' – a variety of self-employed Irish people, each one a leader in their field, each one thinking ahead and taking action in the here and now for future benefits. They're all real people doing and making real things with an eye on tomorrow. Our call to action: "Be future-ready with a pension powered by Zurich".

Radio ads

In traditional media, we employed a playful tone that is rarely seen in pensions ad. On radio, comedian Deirdre O'Kane played the role of a self-loading fridge and a self-driving car with support from Risteárd Cooper.

Lead visual

Meanwhile, on posters, print and also animated in plenty of places online such as social and in banner ads, illustrator Sam Chivers brought the famous Zurich tandem into the middle of the 21st century. And in a nod to tradition, the back seat rider is still Lycra-clad. Well, if you've got it, flaunt it, as we always say at McCannBlue.