This is #JamesonGradLife

It takes believable storytellers to tell a believable story

When a job looks too good to be true, you end up with a problem on your hands - fewer people apply. This was the case with the Jameson Graduate Programme and the role of Jameson Brand Ambassador. Our past digital/social/content-led campaigns were multi-award winning (moving Jameson from number 159 to number 6 on GradIreland's ranking of the leading graduate employers in Ireland). But prospective applicants still didn't believe the position came with enough responsibility or opportunities.

Graduates needed to see a more authentic picture of life as a Jameson Brand Ambassador. We solved this problem with the only people they would believe: four current Jameson Brand Ambassadors in market around the world. We armed these graduates with go pros, and created several webisodes. These webisodes captured all aspects of the ambassador's experience - training, their first 100 days in market, the lifestyle, the highs and lows of their experience. Potential graduates were able to asses what the Graduate Programme was about, and whether it was for them.

Our 2016/17 recruitment campaign needed to build upon the success of this authentic ambassador storytelling. We needed to push the boundaries and ensure we continued to be relevant to graduates. Using search, web and social listening analytics, we mapped the application journey and how potential applicants interacted with it. We discovered four stages - interest, familiarisation, conversion and completion, enabling us to build content and strategy around these four stages.

We continued to develop new content generated by current Brand Ambassadors. Social takeovers, regular social posts and snack size information, was used to get people curious about the Jameson Graduate Programme. Webisode cut downs of 30 & 60 seconds, provided a snapshot experience of what the Graduate Programme is all about.

As people became more familiar and interested, we teased out longer form content. New 'Day in the life' videos of Graduates in various markets around the world were created. Animated videos highlighted the career progression of current candidates over the 3 years of their programme. Facebook Canvases, Facebook Live Q&A Sessions, Twitter and Snapchat takeovers, all provided a stronger insight into the Jameson Graduate Programme. Potential applicants could interact with current Brand Ambassadors, ask questions and get an honest insight into the role. It proved to be highly successful, showing a real dimension to the life of a Jameson Brand Ambassador.

The Results:

  • Collectively, our Facebook Live sessions amassed over 16,000 views.
  • After our second Facebook Live, the number of completed applications increase by over 30% in under a week.
  • Facebook videos received 31,000 organic views, with almost 12,000 views of 10 seconds or more.
  • Over 60K social engagements amongst our Facebook Audience.
  • Over 12.7K video views on Instagram.
  • Facebook engagement rate was 2% (Industry average is 1%), page reach was 814,700 and post reach was 672,738.
  • The Facebook page gained 1,250 likes during the campaign period.
  • The Twitter account gained 329 new followers during the campaign period, earned 280,200 impressions and was visited almost 20,000 times.
  • Instagram posts received 881 likes during the campaign period.
  • 544 followers on Snapchat by the end of the campaign period.