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When you can’t think straight, hydrate

When you can’t think straight, hydrate. Establishing a unique brand proposition in a competitive sector

How do you stake a claim in a category where one product is perceived to be no different to another? We went where no other water had gone before: mental sharpness. We reminded people of the intellectual cost of dehydration in a way that wouldn't bore them, but entertain them.

The idea worked as well on the bus stop advertising we designed as it did in the TV commercials we created, and naming Deep RiverRock the 'Hydration Partner of Dublin GAA', ensured the idea connected to the brand's existing sponsorship of the team. Online, “The Hydration Game" tested some 15,000 players' mental sharpness and made them wonder if they had taken enough water on board that day.

Did it work? Brand tracking (Coyne Research) shows the idea gave Deep RiverRock 5 times more cut-through while there was a 27% volume share increase.