Your Blue Edge

In 2017 we were commissioned by the Irish Marine Development Office to create a new brand, and to design a suite of assets for the marine sector in Ireland.

Our first task was to consult with the sector and use our insights to create a brand that has the potential to bring together diverse marine industries such as shipping, tourism, fishing, technology and renewable energy.

We consulted with eleven separate government agencies with the aim of better understanding what the hopes and expectations were from each of the stakeholder agencies, and to gather insights about how such a diverse range of industries could be brought together under a single brand.

The consultation process produced a comprehensive research document that highlighted the aims, objectives, concerns and aspirations of each agency.

From these insights we created a visual identity to reflect this ambitious and contemporary expression of Ireland's marine future. The result is Marine Ireland, a dynamic and flexible brand that has the capacity to work across sectors in a variety of online and offline contexts.

We also introduced a tag line - Your Blue Edge. Blue is becoming a universally accepted identifier of the ocean and its economic potential and the word edge defines the idea that Ireland is well-positioned to attract and develop new marine businesses.

The Marine Ireland brand will be the start of a sea-change in how Ireland tells the world that it is open for marine business.